UNI.LV - About Us


UNI.LV - Latvia's first Online Shopping Mall (or marketplace).

Online Shopping Mall UNI.LV brings together in one place the supply of products and services directly from many Shops (Merchants) and allows customers to buy these products and services, using a united system of ordering, payment and delivery. As with any shopping center, we plan to offer UNI.LV customers a wide range of products and services - electronics and household appliances, clothing and footwear, household products and garden, toys, children's products, products for sports and leisure, cosmetics and much more.

For Merchants, we offer a free registration and product’s or service’s placement in our system. For more detailed information please visit "Information for Merchants".

For Customers (Buyers) we offer convenient and functional online store with the ability of joining orders from multiple Merchants in one order, online payments and a single delivery system in every location in Latvia.

Currently UNI.LV is the first and only Online Shopping Mall in Latvia.

We are on our way and we hope that you will join us!